Solutions for Common Lighting Problems

Sarah Sitar Interior DesignIn a post completed for the website of the Color Cord company, several solutions for particularly pesky lighting problems are offered, all through the use of one single product—one of their most popular, yet simple products to date.  The product is entitled the Colored Cord, and involves two simple pieces—a porcelain cord set and industrial light bulb cage.  The finished product is a very modern and bright colored lamp that can be utilized in several different fashions, once the consumer’s favorite bulb is supplied and screwed in to place.  The company describes the light as a task light—perfect for providing plenty of light in an area with limitations in term of surface space.

The first suggestion for using the task light is in terms of replacing the traditional nightstand light.  Typically, lamps can take up a large portion of real estate provided on nightstands, not leaving much room for other more important items.  Color Cord proposes a solution for this, in that the pair of the porcelain pendant light set and industrial cage are hung on the wall to free up the nightstand.  This allows the device to serve as a bedside sconce.  In particular, this design is perfect for a college dormitory student operating on limited space to begin with; if one has the top bunk, it also works as a perfect light to read while in bed.  For college students, the article suggests employing a temporary wall hook as a means of hanging the light to become a sconce.  For a set workspace, however, the article suggests using three quarter inch steel or copper pipe and creating a custom and permanent hook for the light.

The other suggestion offered is noted as the traditional and most popular use of the light.  It is entitled the Swag Light, as it uses several hooks to create a funky, creative and unique path for the light.  This allows the light to be used almost anywhere—as a reading light or any other use.



from Realtor Sarah Sitar Interior Design
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