Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2014

Now that the year is coming to a close, let’s look back at the most popular remodeling and interior design techniques from 2014:


Sarah Sitar Interior Design Shower1)   Showers – showers are becoming more popular than bathtubs these days. Interior designers are focusing more and more on the shower design than combining the shower with the bathtub.

2)   Floating Shelves – Shelf space can get cluttered. Home decorators are using floating shelves as a new and stylish way to distribute shelf space and lessen the clutter.

3)   The U-Socket – People are using USB ports more and more nowadays with their various electronics. U-sockets have a built in USB port with a smart sensor that powers off when your device is fully charged.

4)   Bright Colors – Bright colors are “in” this year. A slight accent using a bright color appliance can really make your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom pop. Especially cobalt blue.

5)   Stand alone tub – People who like to take baths want a bath experience. Stan alone tubs take up less space than the normal tiled tub deck and have a much sleeker look for your bathroom

Sarah Sitar remodeling kitchen6)    Modest Interior Design – Rounded designs, earth shades, and raw metal finishes allow for a more modest feel over the increasingly popular “modern” look.

7)   Self Expression – Homeowners today want to add a little bit of themselves into their interior design. This might come out in the color scheme of your kitchen, sleek frames, or layered textiles.

8)   Multigenerational – Remodelers are looking to create bathrooms, kitchens and living areas that are catered to wild children and aging adults.

9)   Eco-friendly designs – More and more people these days are looking for materials that are made without potentially harmful toxins. Homes made with more “natural” materials are rising in demand. These potentially harmful toxins come in the form of formaldehyde or toxic glues and binders.

10)  Downsizing  – People are looking to live closer to the cities and sacrifice larger homes in the suburbs for a smaller, modest living space. This will require some thinking from your interior designer on how to achieve the look you want in a smaller space.

This blog post is based off of this article from Neil Kelly’s remodeling website.

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