Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2015

Sarah-Sitar-Interior-Design-Trends-for-2015The Wall Street Journal gathered an experienced group of 20 interior designers to dictate the coming interior design trends of 2015.

1)   Mixed Metals – Mixing warm and cold metals is particularly popular right now. Examples of warm metals are rose gold and copper. An example of a cold metal is silver. Interior designers are looking for a more strategic layering of gold, silver, and black metals for a more stylish look.

2)   Navy Blue – A color scheme of navy blues is becoming increasingly popular with interior designers. Dark blue plays a great counterpoint to a white marble for luxury homes. Navy blue mixes so well with a variety of different colors, such as cream, pink, coral, gray, and sage.

3)   Painterly Rugs – Any rug that is a visual landscape of irregular patterns breaks the mold of a rectangular room with rectangular furniture. These rugs also act as a piece of art and are especially spectacular as a silk rug. Silk rugs shimmer and change colors, which give the living room and extra helping of life.

4)   Smokey Glass – Clear glass is a thing of the past. Smokey glass is making its mark in 2015 to strike a tension among raw and refined. There is a sense of mystery that comes with smoky glass that you don’t get with clear glass, which emits complete transparency.

5)   Graphic Tiles – Increasing interest in differentiating indoor and outdoor space has brought colorful concrete tiles from commercial spaces to the modern day home. The use of these tiles allows for a combination of graphic design and interior design to coexist.

To read the complete article in the Wall Street Journal, click here.

from Realtor Sarah Sitar Interior Design
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