7 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home When Selling

Sarah Sitar new Real Estate blog post

Any good Real Estate agent will tell you prior to selling your home that small upgrades can make a big difference. Give these suggestions consideration when selling they may help you get more than you expected.
1. Think About Curb Appeal

Regardless of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” homebuyers will jump to conclusions when they see the outside of a potential home for the first time. Upgrade your curb appeal by cleaning up your yard, add color with flowers and give some thought to investing in a gallon of paint to clean-up a weathered exterior.

2. Stage Your Home like a Model
Add value by keeping the decor simple — there’s something special about walking into a model home and loving how they’ve decorated it. Apply this simplicity and to your own home to prep it for potential buyers. So, when in doubt start packing early, get rid of the clutter — keep counters, tables, desktops clean and don’t forget to put kids toys (if you have them) in the closet.


3. Hire a Professional House Cleaner
Everyone has a different perception on “clean,” to be sure that you’ve hit all of those nooks and crannies, hire a professional house cleaner. Have them wipe off blinds, clean the outside of cabinets, dust baseboards and scour tubs. Here is a great list of the items to check-off the list.

4. Repaint Your Walls
If you have bright colored walls think about repainting them with neutral tones. A new coat of paint and a neutral color will appeal to a larger group of buyers who have may want to envision their own decor in your home.

5. Upgrade Your Windows
Outdated single pane windows can be a concern for buyers due to increased energy costs. If you can afford it, install double-pane windows and have your Realtor use it as a key selling point with potential buyers. Not only do dual-pane windows save energy, money, they also help to reduce outside noise.


6. Clean Your Windows
Hire a professional to clean the inside and outside of your windows. This immediately shows a homeowner that the home has been taken care. This tip is especially true if you have large windows in your living room, kitchen or bedrooms that let in a lot of light.


7. Bake Cookies for Your Open House
There’s nothing quite like a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Imagine the nostalgia that a simple baked good could invoke for a potential homebuyer. Not only will your house smell great, but homebuyers may just imagine themselves in your kitchen. Offer one to every guest that enters for great success!

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