Interior Designing Tips to Improve Home Aesthetics

Sarah Sitar Interior Design BedroomInterior design takes a keen eye for style and color schemes. Whereas one might be design close to look nice on someone’s body, an interior designer is working with a much larger canvas, a house. They have to be away of multiple factors that bring the house atmosphere to a place where the homeowners are aesthetically comfortable. “House Beautiful” has a list of tips to increase the aesthetics to a house to make it more appeasing to the eye. In this blog post, I will list a couple these tips as well as my own take on them.

The first tip is to add extra pillows to the main couch. A couch with one pair of pillows looks a bit skimpy. Two pairs of pillows with contrasting colors and patterns can really liven up the couch area. Also, tucking your throw blankets and pillows give the couch a cleaner more inviting look. In this way, the couch almost becomes the bed where “making the couch,” adds a sense of cleanliness and order to the new day. Another living room tip is to add skirts to your couch and living room chairs. This makes them seem grounded and really puts a finishing touch on the living room furniture.

Next is a tip for the bedroom. Adding a bigger bed area to the bedroom will make the entire bedroom look bigger. Raising the bed with a bed frame and adding a large headboard will make the room appear bigger. The bed is the main focus of the bedroom, so the bigger the bed with accessories is, the grander the bedroom feels. Another trick for the bedroom is to layer the lighting. Having multiple ambiance options only gives the bedroom a multifaceted functionality. The bedroom should consist of a reading lighting and a more ambiance lighting for general bedroom use.

Moving to the bathroom, adding a real rug instead of a bathmat can really enhance the aesthetics of a bathroom. Rugs are meant to withstand much more wear and tare than some wet feet. Bathmats tend to be smaller in size, giving the bathroom less of a home feel.

You can see the rest of the interior designing tips on House Beautiful’s website here.

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Four Cost-Effective Ways to Remodel Your Own Home

Sarah Sitar Interior Design DIYRedfin’s blog recently posted an article on four low cost remodeling projects that one could do to increase the value of their home. The article goes on to say that the closer someone is to selling their home, the less they want to spend on remolding and interior design. Sellers want their homes to look nice to appeal to buyers, while at the same time, make as much money as possible when selling their home.

The first money saving project the article talks about is adding more natural light to the house. Adding more overhead lighting is not always the best answer. It is an expensive remolding project, and it might not get the seller the value that they are looking for. The article instead suggests replacing the windows with new clean windows. A do-it-yourself window replacement could costs between $150 and $600, depending on the window size. By doing this, future homeowners could decrease the size of their utility bill and have an aesthetically pleasing outside view.

Next on the list is a new paint job. A seller can consider paining their house themselves for only $200 while a professional paint team could cost you upwards of $2000. This makes the house look fresh and clean as opposed to the worn out paint that has been settling on the walls for years.

A nice refinish on cabinets does wonders for a kitchen. Over the years of opening and closing cabinet doors, they will get scratched and battered. Refacing or refinishing cabinets cost from $250 to $500 per door, which is a much better deal than having a professional team come in.

The last tip that Redfin’s blog has for a cost effective remodeling techniques is to use floor tiles to create a new floor. Tiles are a cheap alternative for replacing a worn out, scratched floor space. They are cheaper than having carpet, hardwood, or laminate installed. Installing tiles yourself can save you up to $1500, but it is advisable to consult with an expert before undergoing such a project.

This blog post is based off of this Redfin blog post.

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