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Sarah Sitar Costa Mesa Realtor Interior Design with Sarah Sitar:

Sarah Sitar services all areas of Orange County as a top-rated realtor in the Costa Mesa area. She has an expert understanding of the Costa Mesa real estate market in as well as the surrounding Orange County area markets. Since she has her masters in counseling, she has the ability to quickly understand buyer and seller needs. She works on the behalf of both buyers and sellers to make their experience effortless and exciting.

For a seller, Sarah Sitar’s obligation is to sell their home in a timely fashion. She is able to reach all perspective buyers using her marketing expertise. She is also experienced in remodeling, interior design, home improvements, and staging. Sellers really appreciate Sarah’s skills when it comes to staging because they are able to sell their home for the best market price possible. For buyers, she is able to assist them in giving them a visual representation of the potential of their new home. Sellers in the area are aware that Sarah has the resources and referrals at her disposal so that she give their home the best look possible when showing it to potential buyers.

Sarah Sitar has 14 years experience in the Real Estate industry, and 11 of those years have been spent mastering the real estate markets of Costa Mesa and Orange County. Sarah’s job does not stop when her clients find the right property; she also helps negotiate the best price possible while effortlessly guiding them through the whole process. She has remolded several of her own homes as well as her client’s homes. Sarah gladly gives advice to her clients when they are thinking about how to furnish their homes. She understands her client’s needs as a certified life coach, so she is able to use empathize with her client’s desires when looking at their home through an interior design perspective. Being an experienced interior designer and expert in reading people as a life coach, Sarah really separates herself from the competition.

Nothing satisfies Sarah more than seeing the smile on her client’s faces after flawlessly finding the perfect home for them.

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